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AAU Pirates Event Details

Mysteries, challenges, and endless creativity await on the treacherous high seas of our Discord server. Unite with fellow artists and writers, battle fierce rivals, and discover the hidden lore of an ancient treasure that calls for you.
We have two daring events for the undertaking, one for artists, one for authors. But before you can begin, make sure you’re a member of the AAU Discord server!
Time to cosplay your MC at the newest AAU themed event for pirates!
Are You Ready to Make Your Mark?
This is your chance to join a legendary artistic voyage and be immortalized in a grand collaboration. The treasure of fame, fun, and friendship awaits!
  • Pick one of the three teams – RED, BLUE, or GOLD.
  • Illustrate your MC cosplaying as a pirate with their designated team color affiliation somewhere on the costume and submit it into the #pirates channel forum on our Discord server!
  • CLASH!  Illustrate your MC pirate versus another member’s MC pirate in a crossover fanart clash!
    *You must participate in the clash to qualify for the end crossover fanart poster done by an admin!
Can’t choose? Submit three characters and play for all three teams!

Join the fun, show off your creative flair, and become part of the legend!

Team Red

– Captain Kayden of the Scarlet Brigands :red_circle:
Team Red embodies the spirit of passion, loyalty, and dedication. Led by a hot-tempered but charismatic captain, this team is driven to prove themselves, not only to the world but to themselves. Their relentless dedication is a testament to their determination to leave a mark, to be the best, and to stand by one another, no matter the cost. Their fiery red flag represents their unbreakable bond, a symbol of commitment and an unquenchable desire to succeed. With hearts ablaze, they are ever steadfast in their pursuit, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Team Blue

– Captain Xepholen of the Sapphire Ultramarine :blue_circle:
Team Blue sails under the banner of adventure, calculation, and logic, but with the yearning for freedom. Their calculating captain, respected for wisdom and intelligence, knows when to take risks and when to be cautious, seeking the joy of discovery through a carefully plotted course. Their blue flag is a beacon of strategic thinking, reflecting their commitment to planning, intellectual prowess, and measured exploration. They’re not just adventurers; they’re thinkers and planners, with dreams that reach as far as the horizon.

Team Gold

– Captain Rayth of the Golden Revenge :yellow_circle:
Team Gold, the gleaming and mischievous guardians of the treasure, is motivated solely by self-interest. Their goal is clear: to keep the treasure for themselves, no matter the means. Led by a witty and crafty captain, they are unashamedly greedy, yet their tactics are filled with playful mischief. Their golden flag shines as a symbol of their clever cunning, a reminder that they’re always one step ahead. While they may seem charming, their underlying motivation is clear, and they’ll use wit, charm, and sly tactics to achieve their self-serving goal. Their approach to guarding the treasure is as unique and captivating as the treasure itself, making Team Gold an unforgettable part of this thrilling adventure.

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These images were made by our members, mods, and admins based on each of their MCs cosplay submissions.

Check them out!