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Dragon Riders Special Themed Event and Collabs at the Artists and Authors United Discord server!
Illustration by Tethyka Rinehart

🔥🐉 Welcome to Artists & Authors United – Your Ultimate Hub for Creativity, Collaboration, and Unleashing Imagination!

Join a vibrant community of artists and authors dedicated to nurturing a space where creativity thrives and inspiration flows endlessly. At Artists & Authors United, every member finds support, camaraderie, and a spark for their imagination.

Get Ready for the Dragon Riders Season 2024! From May 6th through June 30th, embark on a fantastical journey in our most thrilling season of events yet! Embrace the spirit of adventure and the ancient bond between dragon and rider in this epic six-week event.

Dive Into a Realm of Magic and Mystery:

Whether you’re an artist, author, or simply an enthusiast of fantastical worlds, the Dragon Riders Season is for you! Join us as we explore new realms, tackle epic quests, and engage in daring collaborations. Led by our esteemed Admin captains, you’ll face formidable foes and forge unbreakable bonds with fellow adventurers.

Introducing Five Full Body Mini-Collabs:

Each team, led by our Admin captains, will embark on unique journeys: 💕 Red Team: Paladin/Knight class with Wind element, led by Captain Kayden from Guardian Kayden (@Tethyka Rinehart) 💛 Gold Team: Anti-Knight/Evil Paladin class with Noxious element, led by Captain Rayth from Bloody Banshee (@EllRin) 💙 Blue Team: Rogue class with Water element, led by Captain Xepholen from Infinite Strike (@IzzyBloom91) 🩶 Silver Team: Caster class with Silver Fire element, led by Captain Rhea from The Fury Flame: The Trail Artifacts (@Mic_Mac_Roni) 🩷 Pink Team: Bard class with Illusion/Transfiguration element, led by Captain Zazzil from The Great Zazzil (@cherrybomb22)

Choose Your Team and Embrace the Adventure:

Illustrate your main character in a unique cosplay, ready to face the ultimate end boss, Chaos Dragon Xiden! Participate in thrilling role plays hosted by Guardian @ilesarki, and immerse yourself in a world where creativity knows no bounds.

Event Highlights:

Important Details:

So gear up, gather your allies, and prepare to soar to new heights in the Official AAU Dragon Riders event. Sharpen your pencils, ready your keyboards, and unleash your inner hero. The Dragon Riders Season awaits, only at Artists & Authors United – where imagination knows no limits! 🌟

Join Now and Be Part of the Adventure!

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