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**Welcome to Artists & Authors United (AAU) Collaboration Hub!**   Hey there! We're thrilled to have you join us for our collaborative and themed events. Let's make sure we're all on the same page with some simple guidelines to keep our community engaging, respectful, and creatively vibrant.   ### 1. Sharing Your Artwork   When you share your artwork with us, you're allowing AAU to show it off worldwide for non-commercial purposes, like featuring it on our website and social media. This helps promote our awesome events and collaborations. Don't worry, we won't sell your art or use it for profit.   ### 2. Getting Credit Where It’s Due   To make sure everyone knows who made what, you'll need to fill out an "Information Submission" form. This includes things like your name, email, and links to your work. If any of these details change, please let us know by updating your info. We need the latest details to credit you properly, and it's important to keep us in the loop before each event ends.   ### 3. Collaborative Character Fun   By participating, you agree to let others tweak your character's design in their own style for our themed events. If you feel your character's essence is really off, you can ask to have that version removed, but this is generally for big mix-ups as it might make other members less-inclined to want to do a fanart for you.   ### 4. Respect in Creativity   Please respect the true nature of any characters you work with. Avoid creating or sharing content that might be seen as out of character, excessively violent, or inappropriate. If you're unsure about your portrayal, just check with the original creator.   ### 5. Be Honest and Accurate   We expect honesty in all submissions. Providing false information can get you a timeout or even a ban from future participation, depending on the seriousness.   ### 6. Rules for Exiting and Staying   Here's what happens if you decide to leave or if things go sideways: - **Ghosting Us**: If you leave our community without a heads-up and don’t respond within three days to any form of communication we reach out with, we might need to pull your contributions. - **Breaking Rules**: If you don't play by the rules or the consent form terms, we might need to remove your content or end your participation. - **Banishment**: If you're kicked out, we’ll remove your work from AAU showcases. - **Not Cool Content**: Anything that crosses the line into inappropriate territory will be taken down ASAP.   These steps are in place to keep our community safe, respectful, and fun.   ### 7. Originality is Key   We love and support original creations. Make sure your submissions are your own work and don’t include any famous or copyrighted characters without permission. This keeps us all clear of legal issues and ensures our community stays unique and fresh.   **Signing Off:**   By being a part of our events, you confirm that you’re the original creator of your submissions and you’re cool with us using them to highlight AAU’s activities. Remember, it’s all about celebrating our collective creativity and respecting each other’s work.
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