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**Artists & Authors United (AAU) Digital Engagement Policy**   Welcome to the Artists & Authors United (AAU) collaborative and themed events. By participating, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines and conditions, ensuring a respectful, engaging, and digitally vibrant community.   ### 1. Digital Use of Artwork   By submitting your artwork to AAU, you hereby grant AAU a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use your artwork for non-commercial promotional activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, showcasing your work on our official website and across our social media platforms. This license is intended solely for the promotion of AAU events and collaborations and does not authorize AAU to sell your artwork or use it for any commercial gain.   ### 2. Artwork Attribution   To participate in AAU events and collaborations, all members must complete an "Information Submission" form. This form collects essential details to properly credit your contributions, including but not limited to: - Preferred name - Email address - Avatar - Title cover - Title logo graphic - QR Code - Links to your work - Social media names   Should any of your submitted details change, including preferred name, email, avatar, title cover, title logo graphic, QR Code, links, social media names, or any other information, you are required to submit an "Updated Information Submission" form. It is crucial that this updated information is provided by the deadline for the current collaboration or event to ensure accurate crediting.   In cases where updates are submitted close to the deadline, the AAU Admins will have the discretion to decide if the updates can be accommodated without delaying the project. If it is determined that incorporating the updates would impact the project timeline, the changes may not be reflected in the crediting for that particular collaboration or event, unless prior arrangements have been made.   This process is designed to ensure that all contributors are credited accurately and fairly, reflecting the latest and most relevant information. We encourage all participants to keep their submissions up to date and to communicate any changes as promptly as possible.   ### 3. Collaborative Character Use   Submitting your character for our themed events grants permission for their likeness to be adapted in fanartists’ styles and techniques. This may result in variations from the original design. If you believe your character has been significantly misrepresented, you may request the fanartist to remove the work, although this should be reserved for extreme cases to maintain the collaborative spirit of our community.   ### 4. Respect and Integrity   Participants must ensure their contributions respect the integrity of the characters involved. Disrespectful portrayals not permitted include, but are not limited to: - Depictions uncharacteristic of the character or against server rules. - Violence, gore, or demeaning acts not inherent to the character's nature. - Cross-shipping without mutual agreement from all parties involved, with clear communication on any restrictions or limitations.   Open communication is essential. Fanartists unsure about their depiction’s adherence to these guidelines should consult the original creator. Original creators are expected to provide clear instructions upon request to ensure respectful portrayals.   ### 5. Accuracy and Responsibility   Intentionally submitting false or misleading information may result in the termination of your participation agreement. This could lead to a probationary exclusion from AAU events for a season or, upon repeated offenses, a permanent ban from participation. Affected creators will be notified of the breach and informed of their exclusion duration.   ### 6. Removal of Artwork and Termination of Participation   In maintaining a positive, respectful, and secure environment for all members, AAU outlines the following additional circumstances under which a participant's or creator's contributions may be subject to removal, and their participation may be terminated:   - **Non-communicative Departure**: If a member leaves the AAU Discord server without any prior communication with an Admin or fails to follow up within 3 days of departure, it is at the discretion of the AAU Admins to determine whether to remove the member from collaborations, events, and other online published materials. - **Rule Violation or Consent Form Breach**: Should a member violate server rules or breach the agreement outlined in the consent form, the AAU Admins reserve the right to decide on the removal of the member's contributions based on the severity and nature of the violation. - **Ban or Kick**: If a member is banned or kicked from the server for any reason, all illustrations, artworks, and public affiliations with the member will be removed from AAU platforms and publications. - **Inappropriate Content**: Any illustrations or contributions deemed to breach server rules or to contain inappropriate content will be immediately removed upon discovery.   These measures are intended to protect the integrity of the AAU community and its collaborative projects. They ensure that AAU remains a space where creativity is fostered within a framework of mutual respect and understanding.   Decisions regarding the removal of contributions and termination of participation are made with careful consideration, aiming for fairness and transparency. Affected members will be informed of such decisions whenever feasible.   AAU encourages open communication and the resolution of conflicts through dialogue. Members are urged to approach the AAU Admins with any concerns or disputes that may arise, in the spirit of collaboration and community building.   ### 7. Originality of Submissions   AAU is dedicated to fostering creativity and originality within its community. To uphold these values, we require that all artworks, characters, and contributions submitted for collaborations, events, and other activities hosted by AAU must be original creations of the submitting participant.   **Key Guidelines:** - **Original Work**: Submissions must be created by the participant and cannot be copies or derivatives of existing works or characters from other creators, franchises, or media. This includes, but is not limited to, well-known characters from franchises such as Pokémon, Dragon Ball, or any other copyrighted or trademarked material. - **No Unlicensed Derivatives**: Participants may not submit works that are based on or incorporate characters, concepts, or settings that are not their original creations. This is to avoid legal issues related to copyright and trademark infringement and to ensure the integrity and uniqueness of our collaborative projects. - **Creative Ownership**: By submitting your original work, you affirm that you are the sole creator and hold the rights to the characters and artworks provided. You also agree to the terms of participation outlined in this policy, including the non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license granted to AAU for the use of your work in promotional activities.   Violations of these originality guidelines may result in the removal of the infringing submissions from all AAU platforms and activities, and may also lead to the termination of the participant's involvement in future events and collaborations.   AAU encourages all participants to explore their creativity and contribute unique and original content that reflects their personal artistic vision. Our community thrives on the diversity and originality of its members' contributions, and we are committed to supporting and showcasing these unique talents.   **Acknowledgment:**   Your signature below indicates your understanding and acceptance of these terms, including the conditions under which your contributions may be removed and your participation in AAU activities may be terminated. We appreciate your commitment to maintaining a respectful and positive community environment.
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