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Artists and Authors United Valentines Day insignia logo
Xepholen and Lyran dancing from Infinite Strike by Izzybloom91
Welcome to the
Artists & Authors United Discord server’s
Be My Valentine event showcase!

This year, our talented community of creators came together to celebrate love in all its forms through their art and stories. We’re excited to present a diverse collection of Valentine’s Day-themed illustrations featuring main characters from various works. Our event highlighted everything from heartwarming friendships and sweet moments to romantic and enchanting scenes, along with a dash of whimsy for good measure.

Our creators have outdone themselves, pouring their passion and creativity into each piece. This gallery not only displays the incredible range of talent within our community but also the depth of love for their characters and craft. Whether you’re a fan of subtle romance, magical encounters, or simply enjoy the beauty of artistic expression, there’s something here for everyone.

Explore our “Be My Valentine” event page to see how love has inspired our artists and authors this year. Each illustration tells a unique story of affection, connection, and creativity. It’s a testament to the vibrant community we’ve built, where artists and writers come together to share their work and celebrate their love for storytelling and illustration.

Thank you for visiting our event showcase. We hope these pieces inspire you and bring a little extra love into your day. Join us in celebrating the talent and creativity of the Artists & Authors United community!

Ellis from Desio Jokoa by C.L.G
Alise from The World of Legends: Alise's Story and friends
Silly "Be My Valentine" Card from Raylen to his past self from Guardian Kayden by Tethyka Rinehart
Connor and Rhea from The Fury Flame: The Trail Artifacts by Mic_Mac_Roni
Sir Kiljaos and Zofie from Karamador by Ilesarki
Dominic from Life Through Hell's Eyes by Crazylolipop
Xepholen and Lyran Valentine scene from Infinite Strike by Izzybloom91
Kayden and Felicia enchanted night from Guardian Kayden by Tethyka Rinehart