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AAU Application
Filling out our application is required to join our Discord Server. By filling this out you have acknowledged and agree to follow our server's rules.  

What we screen for and why the questions:

We are looking for positive and encouraging members to join our ranks to inspire and encourage one another in the pursuit of their dreams. Therefore negative and toxic behavior is something we do not tolerate.

Type of work we are not looking for:

  • Solely NSFW work.
  • Anything illegal as in the content in any illustrations or writings.
  • Discriminatory work in any illustrations or writings or offensive material.
  • Toxic behavior such as guilt-tripping, manipulation, or anything similar.
  • Nothing but promoting (This is not a promotion only server).
  *Filling out this form does not guarantee you access to our Discord server but let's us know a bit more about you and if your goals align with ours. **There is no discrimination based on age, genre, gender, or any other personal detail. We base our decision based on the type of work or answers to the bottom two paragraph questions.  
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Each new member that joins is on a probationary period of 30 days until they qualify to get their own channel.
To keep that channel, you must remain active online enough to maintain a presence.
This could be a great opportunity to get to know fellow creators as well as collaborate—something we foster here at the AAU.


**These rules may vary at any time. Moderators reserve the right to warn. You will only get two warnings before a ban will be put in place.**

• Must be over 18

• This is an **English** speaking server only. It is okay to use a phrase every know in again such as “Nani?” or “Que?” but complete conversations in other languages are not allowed. *We cannot moderate in other languages therefore it must remain in English.*

• Listen and be respectful to server staff at all times so this can be a fun place for everyone.
You **must** be able to accept DMs from admins and mods!

• Do not impersonate developers, moderators, or other users. INSTANT BAN

• Do not share the invite link to the server. - If you are found to have made it in without consent of the admins, you will be kicked from the server and made to re-apply like everyone here!

• Be polite, courteous, and respectful—we are striving to be a close-knit community with respect for all individuals and their stories.

• Criticism will not be tolerated unless it is asked for, it **MUST** be constructive criticism. Must be in the critique channel only.

• Keep swearing to a minimal, no "F bombs" or "G D bombs"

• No harassment/toxic dialogue/racial slurs/hate speech will not be tolerated in any way. INSTANT BAN

• **No insulting creators and their works and their characters.
(We will not tolerate bullies.) INSTANT BAN
*In any fanart or crossover fanarts, you must respect other members' MCs (Main Characters) and portray them in a respectable light. You must also adhere to the server rules when portraying your own character and others' characters.
*All the cosplaying your character does in an official AAU themed event must never replicate or carry the likeness of any copyrighted character in publication. We plan to print the artbooks and want to be able to include your work!
If the admins find that these rules have not been respected, the offending work will be removed, and you will receive an official warning.

• No promoting in #general - That is what **Creator Channels** and #self-promotion are for.

• Do not use this server as **ONLY** promoting your work. It is a community and we want you to want to be here to be involved in it, not just to use it for purely promoting. Check in, show a WIP, collaborate, tell us how your day went!

• **Do NOT use the @ everyone command or any other moderator command.**

•**No promotion of outside Discord servers allowed on the server or DM as just solicitation.** This is considered harassment unless you advertise that you have one without posting the link in the #self-promotion channel, and let them ask to join. *Then you can send it because it was consented*

• Each new member will be on a probationary period of 30 days that starts on the date they joined the server.
That member must be active for at least those 30 days to qualify to get their own personal channel.

• Personal channels are limited use and made for ACTIVE members only.

**If a member has been inactive with no communication on any channel for at least 30 days, they will be given a DM from an Admin of notice of the potential deletion of their channel. That member will have 1 week to get in contact with us to avoid channel deletion!! (If this happens 2x in a row, the channel will be deleted without notice after the second 30 days have passed.)

**That being said, it is not acceptable to just post/engage once every 30 days to purposefully abuse the system.

***Please actively make an effort to be part of the server, whether it be in events, collabs, general, talking about creators’ series and instigating or participating in conversations. Members who have only posted within at least 30 days in #self-promotion and in only self-promotion-style posts of updates and episode updates alone do not count as active
***If there are circumstances that render you unable to be active, please let an Admin know so we know that you are coming back.
We want our channels to be used and appreciated, because we have a total maximum of channels allowed by Discord. We actively use and make new ones every time we hold a themed event or collab and must be able to do so.

• We no longer allow NSFW on our server ASIDE from **pinups or suggestive artwork ONLY** If it is nude, it must have the spoiler tag/obscured from first glance. This is to maintain a comfortable environment we can all safely navigate while enjoying our stay here.
• To participate in collabs and events, you MUST sign the **consent form** to join the channel. Please go here to sign it digitally: Click here to view/sign the consent form.
🚩 -Any rule breached at any time will result in an official warning.
🚩🚩-There are two official warnings before a permanent ban is put in place.
✨ If you are unsure of any of these rules or would like clarification, please do not hesitate to inquire with a mod or admin (blue names / red names).
If someone is bullying you or breaking the rules, **please DM a moderator or an Admin**
(@Squire, @Guardian, @AAU Admins)
All that being said, now go forth and create!!
What name you go by online
Do you have a series? What kind? It's okay if you don't :3
This is so we can know what category to place your channel
Where we can find your work/series online
Please answer honestly!
Please let us know what you think you'll find on our Discord server and what you are looking for
(Please by honest)

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