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Dragon Riders at the Artists and Authors United DIscord server special themed event featuring Kayden from team red of the house of air

Illustration of Kayden from Guardian Kayden by Tethyka Rinehart

Welcome to the “Artists & Authors United” – your nexus for creativity, collaboration, and boundless imagination! As a vibrant community of artists and authors, we’re dedicated to fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds, and every member can find inspiration, support, and camaraderie.

Excitement is brewing on the horizon as we gear up for our most thrilling season of events yet in 2024 – the Dragon Riders Season! This year, we’re calling upon our members to embark on a fantastical journey, embracing the spirit of adventure, mystique, and the ancient bond between dragon and rider.

Our Dragon Riders Season will unveil an array of special events designed to ignite your creativity and fuel your passion. Members will have the opportunity to illustrate their main characters (MCs) in awe-inspiring dragon-themed cosplay, aligning with one of four majestic admin team houses:

  • Red House with Kayden and the Guardians: Knights and paladins ruling the skies, embodying the house of the air.
  • Blue House with Xepholen: Crafty rogues navigating the depths, representing the house of the water.
  • Gold House with Rayth: Enigmatic dragonkin weaving their magic, from the house of noxious.
  • Silver House with Rhea: Mages and sorcerers commanding the ethereal silver flame, leading the house of the silver flame.

This season will feature two main collaborations and the potential for more mini-events, ensuring a rich tapestry of engagement and excitement. Get ready for themed role-playing mini-events, Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) sessions that promise epic adventures, item collection quests within our server, and crossover fanart features that celebrate the blending of worlds and characters.

The Dragon Riders Season officially begins in Spring 2024, kicking off with our cosplay illustration entries and the enchanting chibi collaboration. We invite you to join us today and become part of a community that celebrates the power of imagination and the unbreakable bonds of creative fellowship.

Dive into a world where dragons soar, magic reigns, and your creativity can take flight. Join Artists & Authors United now, and let’s make 2024 a year of unforgettable adventures and unparalleled creativity!

Artists and Authors United Discord server banner

Who we are

🌟 A Community That Inspires and Supports

At Artists & Authors United, we believe in the power of
community to fuel creativity and bring dreams to life. As a vibrant and inclusive Discord server, we're more than just a group of individuals–we're a community. Here, artists and authors from all walks of life come together to support, encourage, and inspire each other in a journey of artistic and literary fulfillment.

🎨 Engage, Collaborate, and Grow

Our server is buzzing with activities that cater to both the
budding and the experienced. Regularly hosting an array of events, we provide endless opportunities for collaboration, learning, and growth. Whether you're looking to participate in playful chibi collaborations or dive into the depth of full-body art projects, there's always something new and exciting happening.

✍️ A Place to Be Yourself

But it's not all serious – we love to be silly and have fun
too! Our community understands that creativity thrives in a space where you can be yourself. Laughter and lightheartedness are as much a part of our ethos as
hard work and dedication.

We would like it to be made known that we do not tolerate nor support any bullying behavior.

This is not a platform for advertisement and promotion, but a thriving and engaging community that seeks to support one another and encourage.

This is a haven for artists and authors to be encouraged and inspired to be creative and have fun!

About us

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If you’re an artist or an author searching for a place to share your passion, refine your skills, and connect with like-minded creatives, look no further. Artists & Authors United is where your creativity can soar, and your dreams can take flight.

Join us on Discord and be a part of this active, engaging, and fun-loving community. Let’s create, collaborate, and celebrate our artistic journeys together


What we do

At Artists and Authors United we host themed events with cosplay!

Themed Events

Dress your MC in a cosplay based on the current Themed Events; be a samurai, a pirate, and more!

At Artists and Authors United we love to see fanart crossovers!

Crossover Fanart

Participate in our themed events and get participate in giving and getting crossover fanart of your cosplayed MC!

At Artists and Authors United we love chibi collabs!

Chibi Collabs

Pick a side on one of the four teams; Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver and join in on the whimsical chaos!

At Artists and Authors United we love full body collabs!

Full Body Collabs

Illustrate your MC in the themed event's costume on a breathtaking background by EllRin!

We love abs at the AAU!

Got some ideas for a collab or event? Or maybe a channel on our Discord server or what you’d like to see on the website?

Please fill out our suggestion form as often as you’d like! We are always happy to hear from you on your ideas and opinions of our content here at the AAU!

Have a Suggestion? Chibi Rhea by Mic_Mac_Roni